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San Diego Apartment Market Trend Reports

Truth is our friend. Our San Diego apartment investors make wiser choices with great information. Investing in San Diego Apartments  is superior to most areas because you can benefit from current information about closed transactions. That information is rarely available to any but the insiders in most markets. Here you’ll find data about San Diego County’s five major investment regions, under that is more detail about the 25 most active sub-markets. For example Central San Diego shows almost half the sales in the county. Within Central you can find trends on North Park 92104 and four other active zip codes. In the 25 most active sub-markets you’ll see trends covering three years and according to three metrics. Each graph shows a 12 month moving average. The left hand is the oldest time and the right side is the newest data. The light dotted line shows the best fit, or trend line. The three measurement of value are:

  • Dollars per unit, ($/ unit)
  • Dollars per square foot of rent-able area, so it excludes patios and garages, ($/ SF)
  • Gross rent multiple, (GRM).
    •  GRM is value of property/ gross operating income
    • Which is the amount of potential rent if you collected all the rent from every unit each month.

Differences in the age, condition and unit mix means that the trends lines will not move exactly the same.